“I have used Lisa now for three family portraits, and I could not be happier. Lisa excels in her interest in getting to know the subject(s) before she begins the project. Lisa is also excellent in keeping you abreast of the project’s status, very timely with communication and response. I have given three family members of mine paintings by Lisa, and they will treasure them forever. Me and my family are so overwhelmed with Lisa’s talent, her attention to detail, and the impact and emotions that are connected in the paintings she has done for us. They mean, and will continue to mean so much to our family for many years to come. The paintings will be handed down for generations to come! Thank you Lisa for your amazing talent and excellent service.”

Karen Jones

“My heart was broken. I had to send my two fur kids, Sasha and Gizmo, across the Rainbow Bridge within a few months of each other. I had the ashes in the closet, safely behind my other treasures. But my heart still ached. They were my heart kids. I needed some intervention. So, I went out and got Luci and Coach. I had heard about this young lady that was extraordinarily talented at freehand drawings. I was nervous at first, because I wanted my babies to look like I remembered. Lisa came into my life. I sent her the few pictures of my first two and alot of pictures of my second two Schipperkes. I asked for a few things and wanted the Rainbow bridge somewhere on the drawing to remember my lost kids. We haggled. We talked and then one day, the preliminary drawing came. And I went, WOW. She had taken my fur kids and moved them to an amazing drawing. I cried. It was an intervention. And Lisa preformed it perfectly. My drawing is still in protective custody as I am remodeling my home. But, Lisa gave me something I will cherish forever. A drawing of my four fur kids together, for eternity.” —Author of “Schippertainment: The Life of a Schipperke Owner”

Richard Davis