Do you accept requests for custom items?

I am the only person running by business, and I have a line of work I am developing, so I do not create custom orders based on anyone else's work.  I will not make replications of other artists' work, and I encourage you to reach out to that artist if you are interested in a piece similar to theirs as they will be able to do a much better job recreating that piece for you than I ever could. We artists spend countless hours and resources developing our styles and original designs, so creating something completely different from what I normally do would take so much time and effort and trial and error that it would not be advantageous for either of us to take on something out of the norm for the artwork I currently create. I do offer some items in shop made-to-order with customizable designs you can choose from, but as for making custom one-off pieces, that is not what I do.​

Do you do bulk orders?

If my schedule can allow it, I would love to create and fulfill bulk orders of any non-custom items in my shop. Contact me if you're interested so we can discuss options to see if it's a good fit for us both. Extra time will be needed, possibly multiple months, to fulfill large orders on top of what I am currently creating. Also note, bulk orders does not mean lower pricing as it still takes me the same amount of time, effort, and materials to create one mug as it takes to make 20 mugs.

Do you accept requests for logo or branded items?

I can produce branded pieces provided the order fits within my production schedule and within the design schemes in which I already work. Please note, there will be a minimum number of pieces required, and additional set-up fees will apply for the cost to have a logo stamp made and for any samples or testing that needs to take place to achieve the desired results. Please contact me to discuss options!

Do you offer wholesale?

Since this is a one-woman show and the only machines involved are 1 potter's wheel and 1 kiln, it doesn't currently fit within my business model to sell on a wholesale basis. I prefer to sell directly to my customers via my web shop and at various events throughout the year.

Is your work microwave and dishwasher safe?

Yes! All of my pots intended for food are made with food-safe glazes and are microwave and dishwasher safe, but they're not indestructible. If you drop them or knock them against other hard objects they can chip or break , so you'll still need to be careful when handling them! Some items that include gold luster are not intended for microwave use. I do encourage everyone to hand wash all handmade items as they tend to last longer that way.

How often do you update your online shop?

My goal is to update my shop once a month. I based that update on when I'm able to complete a batch or two of items ready for sale. It takes me about a month to fill my kiln, and it's not always easy to time it because of LIFE happening, but I do send out a notice a week or two in advance to my mailing list and post on Instagram and Facebook the shop update dates whenever I nail one down for the month.

Don't see your question answered above? 

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