Untitled_Artwork 24Hand Lettering Graphics & Illustrations in Dallas, Texas, that inspire, entertain, and engage your community! Clients I Love to Work With: Agencies, Publishers, and Apparel Brands that value Handmade Design.


3D Lettering

I love to create letters that look three dimensional in Procreate, so I’ve been having a blast creating these illustrations.  I even have multiple classes on Skillshare.com teaching others to create their own 3D letters in Procreate.  What better way to learn and perfect a system then to organize it enough to teach it to … Continue reading 3D Lettering


Momtroverted Book Cover Designs for books I would write if I were a writer. All part of my Momtroverted Series that I am developing as a passion project. Follow along on Instagram! These are a series of book covers and illustrations I would design if I were writing books about my life as an introverted … Continue reading Momtroverted


We All Have Dreams One of my dreams is to do this freelance artist thing full time, and another is to travel the world with my son because I can work from anywhere! Take a look at the process videos, too!

Brave Wings

Collaboration is the new Competition This piece I created through a collaboration with a new lettering friend on Instagram: Varnika. She approached me after I put out a call for collaborations, and we worked out an idea to letter an empowering quote for women. She came up with the quote and quick sketch, and I … Continue reading Brave Wings

Death Before Laundry

Death Before Laundry GoodType has Tuesday Challenges they email out to their subscribers on Mondays, and we get to post our work for a chance for it to be shared with close to the 900k followers on their Instagram or be featured in their newsletter to who knows how many subscribers. This was my first … Continue reading Death Before Laundry


Teamwork makes the dream work! Here’s a collaborative design I created with my good pal Char from Chnar Design Co.  She’s an amazing letterer and designer who threw me some words of encouragement while I was first starting out, so naturally I approached her when the call to action to create a collaborative work by … Continue reading Teamwork

Cartoon Faces

Cartoon Faces Illustrations and process videos of cartoon faces I created in Procreate.

Sun Burn Out

Sun Burn Out When you’ve spent a lot of time outside in the shade and you still come home with a sunburn, and you’re also burned out from being around people for too long.


Patterns I love creating patterns in Procreate! I’ll get my act together one day and post them on Spoonflower!

Our Time Has Value

Our Time Has Value I’m sure most creatives I know have been approached at one point or another to do work for free. As an art teacher, I got asked many times until I stopped allowing it. I actually don’t get many requests to make things for free anymore, which is great! It’s time for … Continue reading Our Time Has Value

Light Studies

Light Studies in Procreate Left side is the photo and right sides are my drawings – just some quick light studies.

Forever Bettering My Lettering

Forever Bettering My Lettering I’m always working to better my lettering! I created this piece as part of the Lauren Hom’s HomWork Challenge series. It was a process of discovery to figure out what looked best. I created a piece, didn’t like it, so I started over from scratch in a different direction, but still … Continue reading Forever Bettering My Lettering