Forever Bettering My Lettering

Forever Bettering My Lettering

I’m always working to better my lettering! I created this piece as part of the Lauren Hom’s HomWork Challenge series. It was a process of discovery to figure out what looked best. I created a piece, didn’t like it, so I started over from scratch in a different direction, but still incorporating all the criteria I wanted to include: three-dimensional, shadows & shading, and good coloring choices, which means I scaled it back to a monochromatic color scheme since I had so much going in the way of texture and line work.

First Attempt that I didn’t like:Untitled_Artwork 56

Figuring out a second attempt, first sketch:
Untitled_Artwork 57

Thumbnails to further my ideas and nailing it down to one:untitled_artwork-58.jpg

Final Product:Untitled_Artwork 59

Final Product Process Video Timelapse: