Our Time Has Value

Our Time Has Value

I’m sure most creatives I know have been approached at one point or another to do work for free. As an art teacher, I got asked many times until I stopped allowing it. I actually don’t get many requests to make things for free anymore, which is great! It’s time for everyone to get paid for their skills whether it’s cutting down trees (I just had my trees trimmed by an amazing guy!) or drawing illustrations to help you stand out from the crowd. Us creatives have spent our time and money to learn a craft, and no, we won’t do it for free or exposure. We can’t eat exposure! We all need to make a living, and time is money, so be willing to pay for the service. It’s truly our livelihood.

You can also join the cause by creating your own artwork saying, “Our Time Has Value!” Thanks James Lewis for this awesome movement of standing for valuing ourselves, our time, our talents and skills.

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Ticking Clock Gif:


Process Video: