My sister and I are proud owners of a hand-lettering and calligraphy business based in Jackson, Mississippi. We’d been following Lisa for several months on Instagram and just fell in love with her digital hand-lettering and illustration work! As a result, we reached out to her to do some commission work for us because we have decided to give our business “baby” a facelift. Our experience with Lisa has truly been a blessing!
From the beginning of our project to the very end, Lisa was professional, patient, tactful, and she kept the lines of communication open, which is a HUGE deal for us as owners of a small business. She also made us feel extremely comfortable and was willing to answer any questions we had since we know nothing about illustration, and she was willing to make ANY changes we desired. Needless to say, our project turned out BEAUTIFUL! My eyes literally watered when I saw it, and I’m being completely honest!
We cannot thank Lisa enough for what she has done for us and our business “baby”, and we are SO thankful that we get to have her work forever be apart of our brand! We encourage anyone who is in search of impeccable professional and creative hand-lettering and illustration work to reach out to Lisa of Lisa Long Designs! You will not be disappointed!

Ki Calligraphy & Co.