“My heart was broken. I had to send my two fur kids, Sasha and Gizmo, across the Rainbow Bridge within a few months of each other. I had the ashes in the closet, safely behind my other treasures. But my heart still ached. They were my heart kids. I needed some intervention. So, I went out and got Luci and Coach. I had heard about this young lady that was extraordinarily talented at freehand drawings. I was nervous at first, because I wanted my babies to look like I remembered. Lisa came into my life. I sent her the few pictures of my first two and alot of pictures of my second two Schipperkes. I asked for a few things and wanted the Rainbow bridge somewhere on the drawing to remember my lost kids. We haggled. We talked and then one day, the preliminary drawing came. And I went, WOW. She had taken my fur kids and moved them to an amazing drawing. I cried. It was an intervention. And Lisa preformed it perfectly. My drawing is still in protective custody as I am remodeling my home. But, Lisa gave me something I will cherish forever. A drawing of my four fur kids together, for eternity.” —Author of “Schippertainment: The Life of a Schipperke Owner”

Richard Davis